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Household Hazardous Wastes

The Recycle Center accepts certain household hazardous wastes but requires that they are properly packaged and in amounts acceptable for disposal as household hazardous waste. If not done properly, the load may be refused. Prior to bringing items to the Recycle Center we ask that you follow the proper procedures to eliminate any questions or confusion.

  • Hancock County residents only. A Valid photo ID is required. A current paid garbage receipt from your current garbage carrier is also required. (Ex. Waste Management, NC Sanitation, City of Weirton).
  • The following items are limited in amounts and must be packed accordingly:
    • Latex paint (5 gallons)
    • Oil base paint (5 gallons)
    • Used oil (5 gals)
    • Spray paint and flammable spray lubricant products (5 cans)
    • Used antifreeze (5 gallons)
  • To cut down on volume, we ask that you combine containers of the same material. For example, small cans of latex paint should be combined into one full gallon can or 5 gal. bucket. The same procedure should be done with oil base paint. Mixing colors is fine however, mixing latex and oil base paint is not acceptable. Combine motor oil products separately. Large amounts of different size cans will not be accepted.
  • Any empty paint cans that are dry should be bagged and can be disposed with your regular household trash.
  • We suggest that you combine left over amounts of latex paint with cat litter or dry saw dust and set aside to let dry. In this form it can be disposed with your regular trash. Left over spray paint and oil- based paint can be used to cover any wooden of metal materials and allowed to dry.
  • You can distinguish latex paint by the word “latex” on the label. Oil base paint will say “oil base” or “flammable” or “combustible” on the label. All oil base/alkyd paint is flammable. If you don’t have a label on the can, treat it as oil base. Most stains, clear coats, thinners are flammable and should be combined with oil base.
  • Weirton residents can also dispose of used oil at the Weirton Public Works building located at 100 Tell Street off County Road in north Weirton.
  • No acids, alkalis, herbicides, pesticides, on fungicides will be accepted.
  • No gasoline, gas products, kerosene or diesel fuel will be accepted.
  • All propane tanks must be emptied.
  • If in doubt, call and leave a message at our facility at 304-459-3269.