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Bulky Goods Collection

WV Public Service Commission (PSC) rules require that every motor carrier of solid waste shall provide regularly scheduled monthly bulky goods collection service available to all households located in that carrier’s operating territory. Bulky good collection is designed to eliminate the illegal disposal of oversized items.

As required by PSC rules, your trash service includes monthly removal of oversized items including, but not limited to refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, microwave ovens, and other appliances; televisions: home computers; air conditioners; bicycles; furniture; waste tires off the rim, having a radius of no more than 16.5. inches, from automobiles, from pickup trucks from motorcycles, from all-terrain, vehicles, and from farm tractors; and other item, not included in the above, that are at least three (3) feet in length, width, or height or at least fifty (50) pounds in weight.

The following items are not included in bulky goods service and your solid waste collector may refuse to pick them up: (a) automotive components, parts, or frames that weigh at least two hundred (200) pounds each; (b) automotive parts, such as motors and transmissions, that have a high density; (c) hazardous waste; (d) items that can be easily divided and placed into bags, boxes, or other containers, less than three (3) feet high, long, or wide, that, with contents, weigh less than fifty (50) pounds each; and (e) construction and demolition debris generally.

The waste hauler is required to mail, on an annual basis, written notice of the bulky goods collection schedule to all its residential customers. The hauler may require that customers place bulky goods on the curbside by 7:00 AM on the last day it collects regular household that precedes the date of the hauler’s monthly bulky goods collection. Please contact your trash hauler to request the bulky goods collection schedule for your neighborhood.

  • Waste Management 877-387-9542
  • NC Sanitation 304-564-3366
  • City of Weirton 304-797-8540