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Tax Office

Important Information about the Tax Office

After the assessor places property, real and personal, on the record books, the levy rates are applied and it is the duty of the Sheriff's Tax Office to collect the taxes as assessed.

Taxpayers receive a two and one-half percent (2 1/2%) discount on the first installment if paid by September 1. Postmark is accepted. This discount is applied to the second installment if paid by March 1 of the following year. Again, Postmark is accepted.

The first installment becomes delinquent if NOT paid by October 1. The second installment becomes delinquent if NOT paid by April 1 of the following year. Interest is accrued at nine percent (9%) per annum.

Taxes remaining unpaid after April 30 are subject to publication. If delinquent taxes are published, additional fees will be charged.

View Your Property Taxes Online

To view your Property Taxes online please click here and enter your information.

Automobile Registration Renewals

Our License Department renews for West Virginia Class A vehicle ONLY if not expired more than 90 days. Renewal information must be completed on the back side of the renewal form and a paid tax receipt for the appropriate year must be presented.

Certified to State

On or before the September 10 of each year, the sheriff shall prepare a list of delinquent lands, which shall include all real estate in his or her county remaining delinquent as of the first day of September, together with a notice of sale, in form or effect as follows:

Notice is hereby given that the following described tracts or lots of land or undivided interests therein in the County of Hancock and the tax liens that encumber the same which are delinquent for the nonpayment of taxes for the year (or years) will be certified to the Auditor for disposition pursuant to West Virginia Code ยง11A-3-44 on the 31st day of October.

Deputy Land Commissioner's Land Sale

The sale date and the advertising is set by the state auditor's office.