Assessor's Office

Circuit Clerk's Office


Karen LaScola
Finance Administrator (Finance, Operations)

Paul Zuros
County Administrator

Ontasia Petteway
Office Administrator (General Inquiries, Billing, Operations)

Eron Chek

Paul R. Cowey, III

Jeff Davis

County Clerk - Bookkeeping

Chief Deputy/Payroll Clerk - Michelle Biela

County Clerk - Records

Office Manager - Valerie Truax

Recording Clerk - Linda Stear

Recording Clerk - Theresa Cain

Recording Clerk - (OPEN)

Voters Registration

Head Election Clerk - Barb Ross

Election Clerk - Samantha Tate

Animal Shelter

Director of Humane Operations - Nichole Felouzis

Animal Control Officer - Floyd Schulte

Office Of Emergency Management

Deputy Director - Stephanie Fryer

Prosecutor's Office

Prosecuting Attorney - Steven E. Dragisich

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (Sex and Abuse Matters and General Felony Matters) - Herman D. Lantz

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (Abuse and Neglect Matters) - Joanna Robinson

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (Juvenile Matters) - April Manypenny Raines

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (General Felony Matters) - Vince S. Gurrera

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (County Commission Matters) - Michael W. Lucas, III

Office Administrator - Juli Knight

Chief Office Deputy - Teres Bruno

Sheriff's Office

Administrative Assistant - Beth Vaughan

Records Clerk - Donna Watson

Tax Office

Chief Tax Deputy - Melissa Williamson