Assessor's Office

Circuit Clerk's Office


Gerard Walsh
Director of Information & Security Technology (Technology, Maintenance, Facilities, Operations)

Karen LaScola
Finance Administrator (Finance, Operations)

Anne Blankenship
Office Administrator (General Inquiries, Billing, Operations)

County Clerk

Chief Deputy - Valerie Truax

Recording Clerk - Philip Poling

(304) 564-3311 Ext. 279

Recording Clerk - Linda Stear

Head Bookkeeping Clerk - Michelle Biela

Bookkeeping Clerk - Karan Valenti

Voters Registration

Head Election Clerk - Barb Ross

Election Clerk - Jeannie Ostrander

Animal Shelter

Director of Humane Operations - Nichole Felouzis

Animal Control Officer - Floyd Schulte

Office Of Emergency Management

Deputy Director - Stephanie Fryer

Prosecutor's Office

Prosecuting Attorney - Steven E. Dragisich

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (Sex and Abuse Matters and General Felony Matters) - David F. Cross

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (Abuse and Neglect Matters) - April Manypenny Raines

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (General Felony Matters) - Vince S. Gurrera

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (County Commission Matters) - Michael W. Lucas, III

Office Administrator - Juli Knight

Chief Office Deputy - Teres Bruno

Sheriff's Office

Administrative Assistant - Beth Vaughan

Records Clerk - Donna Watson

Tax Office

Chief Tax Deputy - Tina Crawford

Tax Deputy - Melissa Williamson